Conference Schedule

AEIS 2022 will be held online during December 2-4, 2022.

Note: The schedule overview above is just for reference. Around at the beginning of November, the final schedule will be sent to all conference participants by email.

December 2, 2022 Friday
 Time  Arrangements
 10 am--4 pm  Conference Sign-in and Materials Collection


December 3, 2022 Saturday
 Time  Arrangements
 9 am--9:10 am  Welcome Message
 9:10 am--9:50 am  Keynote Speech I
 9:50 am--10:10 am  Coffee Break
 10:10 am--11:50 am  Keynote Speech II, III and IV
 12 pm--12:10 pm  Conference Photo Taking
 12:10 pm--1:30 pm  Conference Lunch
 1:30 pm--3:30 pm  Technical Session I (Authors' Oral Presentations)
 3:30 pm--3:45 pm  Coffee Break
 3:45 pm--6:30 pm  Technical Session II (Authors' Oral Presentations)
 6:30 pm--8:30 pm  Dinner Banquet


December 4, 2022 Sunday
 Time  Arrangements
 9:30 am--12 pm  Technical Session III (Authors' Online Presentations)
 12 pm--1:30 pm  Break Time
 1:30 pm--3:30 pm  Technical Session IV (Authors' Online Presentations)
 3:30 pm--3:45 pm  Break Time
 3:45 pm--6 pm  Technical Session V (Authors' Online Presentations)